Yanfei Zhang

PhD Candidate

Southwest Jiaotong University(西南交通大学)

Key laboratory of High-speed railway Engineering, Ministry of Education

School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China

Tel: 17703434451; E-mail:




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  • Research on the subsidon characteristics of the foundation of Karez under the load of high-speed railway. World Transportation Congress, Beijing, China, 2019.06
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  • An adjustable lateral loadmechanism that converts vertical loads into piles. (May 2018, the fifth inventor)
  • A mechanism for converting verticalloads into piles of lateral loads. (May 2018, invention authorization, the fifth inventor)



2018-2019 National Scholarship for Master’s Degree

2016-2017 Master’s degree scholarship, Taiyuan University of Technology

2018-2019 Outstanding master graduate student of Taiyuan University of Technology

2018-2019 Ph.D. Scholarship, Southwest Jiaotong university

2018-2019 Ph.D. Scholarship, Southwest Jiaotong university